Posted by: Elen C | October 15, 2010

Unicorn Award

I’d like to thank my agent, my parents and of course, the academy…

Well, maybe not. But I would like to thank Katherine Roberts for giving Dragontongue with her Unicorn Glitter Award. She has decided that we meet her criteria for blogs which celebrate myths and legends, magic and things other-worldly. Cheers, Katherine!

Recipients of the award have to share their favourite book, film, poem or song, myth or legend and enchanted creature.

I am more the technical bod of Dragontongue than the spiritual force, so I’m sure the other contributors will have more noble offerings, but, in the meantime, here are mine:

Book – If it’s things otherworldly, then The Lord of the Rings has to be it. I re-read the whole thing every 2 years (though I skip the Tom Bombadil bit – yuck)

Film – I’ll have Peter Jackson’s excellent adaptations, please. The extended versions.

Poem or Song – I’m neither peotic nor musical, I’m afraid. I don’t mind poetry, but I wouldn’t seek it out.

Myth or Legend – Gelert. Sob.

Enchanted Creature – Pegasus maybe. Who wouldn’t love a flying horse?

Those are my favourites – what about yours?



  1. Glad you like it – look forward to seeing other Dragon Author choices!

    Ah, Pegasus…. yes, I’d LOVE a flying horse… but my unicorn has a sharper horn, so I had to choose him. (He’d probably have gone on strike otherwise, and getting on the wrong side of your muse is never a good idea.)

  2. Lovely! I’m feeling glittery already.
    Here are my favourites – for today anyway. They change all the time.
    Book – probably Emma
    Film – Time Bandits – for Ian Holmes’ Napoleon, Ralph Richardson’s God, and Sean Connery’s Agamemnon.
    Poetry – probably The Ancient Mariner.
    Myth – I’m just back from Greece – you needn’t be jealous; it rained all the time. But I’ve always loved Odysseus and his adventures.
    mythical creature – I have to say dragon, don’t I, or I’ll be subject to dreadful dragonrevenge.
    Come on, other dragons, let’s hear from you. And anyone else!

  3. I found it nigh impossible to come up with anything, probably because this is not really the genre that “floats my boat”. I think Lord of the Rings is amazing, as a book and in its filmed version. As a teenager of about 14, I spent virtually the whole Christmas period reading it and becoming totally absorbed by it. I tried to re-read it recently but was put off a little bit by the style. I love the whole Greek mythology thing. I used to read anthologies of fairy stories from around the world as a child (from my local library), then moved on to horror, mostly short stories, James Herbert, Graham Masterton and of course Stephen King eg Salem’s Lot, The Stand, The Shining.
    I haven’t read enough narrative poetry to have any favourites. I find witches and goblins intriguing ie the dark side.

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