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An inspirational story – Colin Parsons

Here’s something fellow Dragons, you may find interesting if you’re a struggling author as a lot of us are. Or someone who is interested in authors in general.

I was blown away by this story when I first read it.

Self-published author signs six figure deal with Gollancz.

Kit Berry used to be a teacher from Dorset in England, before becoming an author. She is the self published writer of the Stonewylde series. It started on November 9th 2003 when she began writing her books. She is a pagan and all that that entails, which I’m not really sure about, but it’s to do with Summer Solstice and Moonstones and the like, but she’s passionate about it all.

The point is this wonderful woman decided to give up teaching – remortgaged her house and created her own publishing company; Moongazy Publishing. So to be honest it would have been a ‘Do or Die’ situation if it had all fallen foul. But she wrote hard and furious and when she finished (four to six hours a day for four months) found she’d written three books in one. She then published Magus of Stonewylde book 1 (2005) – Moondance of Stonewylde book 2 (2006) – Solstice of Stonewylde book 3 (2007).

She not only wrote the books, but produced all the media of blogging, twitter, websites, myspace, facebook. Funded by her own means she did Interviews, festivals; travelling to Europe and America. She also did her own merchandising with T-shirts and jewellery and so forth. She eventually found herself an agent and that was the crux of the whole operation.

Her agent then got her a deal with the Orion Publishing imprint Gollancz and the (five book) six figure deal was struck. They are republishing the series and bringing out a hardback version of Shadows of Stonewylde book 4 (2011).

It wasn’t that easy as you can imagine. It’s taken years and years of hard work and travel for her to get this reward.

I know because I’ve done and am still doing the book-signing run. I started off self published. I’ve sold 9,000 copies of all my books, but that was a lot of blood, sweat and tears. I have a publisher now, but I’m still looking for a bigger publisher and an agent.

Kit Berry I take my hat off to you. You’ve made it, let this show all struggling authors out there…It can be done!
Colin R. Parson

Wizards’ Kingdom series and The Curious World of Shelley Vendor.

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  1. Impressive – but cautionary. It’s good to remember that all the promotion and determination in the world will be in vain without a cracking good story. For every success like this, hundreds (thousands?) falter and fail, either for lack of marketing or or because they’re not well written, or both. But all credit to those who have both the talent to produce a good book AND the talent to promote it!

  2. Wow, what an incredible story of determination and will-power!
    G.P. Taylor (author of Shadowmancer and Wormwood) self-published initially. I think he has had film offers.

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