Posted by: Elen C | May 27, 2011

Hay Making!

This post must be quick – there too much going on for anything else! I’m lucky enough to be at the Hay Literary Festival under sunny blue skies (well, actually I’m in the library because my laptop experienced the Blue Screen of Death this morning…eeek!).

After a hectic train journey where trespassers on the line gave me 20 seconds to make my connection, I dashed into a marque that sparkled with stars. No, really, the black roof was lit by hundreds of little bulbs. The audience tramping in oohed and cooed at it much more than they did at the sight of me. There were 120 children in the end, all oohing and cooing. Luckily my radio mic put a stop to that!

We talked stories. Beginning and ends, heroes, villains, golden caves, giant poisonous hamsters, flying hounds and wolves with black hearts. They imagined underground worlds and told me what they smelled of (nothing you’d want to eat off). They killed beasts and defeated legions and we were all home in time for tea.

I read to them, and the Year 7 boys stared at me as though I was Anthony Horowitz playing Dr Who. At the end they clapped. Hurray!

I am going on a book hunt now. There are more stories here in this sleepy corner of Wales than you can shake a magic wand at. I only hope at my next event tomorrow they create a few more!

Happy Festival, Everyone.



  1. Sounds exciting! Could use your blue skies and sunshine too!

  2. Lucky children! I wish there’d been people like you around when I was young, instead of grim-faced harridans who filled the margins with [Sp!!] and [Untidy writing!] and having to write endless Adventures of a Penny and What I Did During my Holidays. And being told to use as many different words as we could for ‘said’ And not allowed to write ‘got’…..

  3. Sounds like a magical and memorable experience Elen

  4. Thanks, all. The sunshine turned out to be intermittent, but I had some lovely encounters with other writers (Marcus Sedgewick and Alyx Harvey were both good fun!) and a big long walk with my dog on Sunday over mountains and through clouds. Would definitely like to go again.

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